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Master of Arts




Webb, Stuart


Teacher talk plays an important role in the English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom because EFL learners have limited access to input and output outside of the classroom (Webb & Nation, 2017). However, few studies focus on incidental vocabulary acquisition through listening to teacher talk, especially with EFL learners. The present study investigates the effects of teacher talk on incidental vocabulary learning including both single word items and collocations. The relationship between vocabulary learning gains and three factors (frequency of exposure, L1 translation, and note-taking) were also explored. The results indicated that (a) teacher talk contributed to vocabulary learning of both single word items and collocations, (b) using L1 translation to explain target word meanings during teacher talk contributed to larger gains on the immediate posttest, (c) writing target words in notes had a positive effect on learning single words but not collocations, and (d) frequency of occurrence did not affect learning.