Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Sabarinathan, Jayshri


Opto-mechanical interactions in photonic crystals (PC) require further investigation for their realization in practical applications. In particular their dynamic response and opto-mechanical coupling is not well understood. The static response of a thin-film 2D PC membrane was studied and the mechanical sensitivity of a static pressure sensor was increased by a factor of 4.9 times. A novel model formulation, correctly accounting for the fluid-structure interaction and the influence of nano-features, was developed to describe the dynamic response of a thin-film 2D PC membrane. The model accurately predicted damping response to within 10% as compared to experimental measurements. A novel 2D PC device was designed to evaluate the different coupling regimes of the opto-mechanical interaction by altering mechanical (Gamma) and optical (kappa) loss. A maximum bare opto-mechanical coupling coefficient of 12.78MHz was obtained.