Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Dr. Chao Zhang

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Eric Savory

Joint Supervisor


Curvature effects are investigated in terms of a recently developed curvature corrected turbulence model in turbomachinery applications. Two centrifugal compressor stages and a curved geometry modelled after a centrifugal impeller are simulated using the curvature corrected SST (SST-CC) turbulence model. This work improves the understanding of how the SST-CC model predicts curvature effects. An analysis of the SST-CC production multiplier in both centrifugal cases reveals that the model is appropriately accounting for curvature effects, showing increased production near concave surfaces and decreased production near convex surfaces. This correlates well with the simplified geometry results and demonstrates that the simplified geometry is successfully capturing the curvature effects of the centrifugal stages. A detailed investigation of turbulence quantities in the simplified geometry further demonstrated how curvature effects are predicted by the SST-CC model. Future work will include experimentation on the 1C stage and further comparison with numerical results.