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Master of Arts




Tania Granadillo


Friendship Centres seek to fill an important gap in service provision by providing Aboriginal-based and community-run programming. More than simply a social service provider, however, Friendship Centres offer individuals a safe, supportive environment in which to address issues of trauma and to explore their own identities. This leads individuals to develop a strong sense of place and positive-place identity. Research was conducted between May and August 2017 at the N’Amerind Friendship Centre in London, Ontario. Research methods included participant-observation, ethnographic interviewing, and the creation of a short ethnographic film. The thesis concludes that Friendship Centres are significant landscapes due to their cultivation of participants’ sense of self and of belonging. Additionally, the thesis contends that participants’ personal identification with space allows them to use Aboriginal English varieties without feeling self-conscious and without fear of censure or reprisal.