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Doctor of Musical Arts




Nolan, Catherine

2nd Supervisor

Hess, John



Argentine art song is a branch of the art song genre that is virtually unknown to Canadian academics and performers. Although there are numerous composers who have contributed songs to this genre, these composers and their contributions to the body of art song repertoire remain virtually unknown. The illusion of their non-existence is perpetuated by a cycle of factors. Publishers, not interested in publishing a product for which there is limited interest, print very little Argentine music. The lack of musical scores makes it difficult for performers to program and record this music. Thus, very few people are exposed to it, and most people continue to know very little about this rich body of repertoire that has much to offer performers and voice pedagogues.

The goal of this study of Argentine art song is to introduce this repertoire to pedagogues and performers and inform them of some of the challenges and benefits of incorporating this music into the standard art song repertoire. Many of the songs need “cultural translation” for those unfamiliar with the gaucho and other aspects of Argentine music, history, and culture. The gaucho and his influence on Argentine art song, both musically and thematically, is examined so that meaningful and informed performances can be prepared. Also, the pedagogical value of the repertoire in the voice studio is also discussed so that pedagogues can make informed decisions regarding its best application in the voice studio. An added benefit is that these songs introduce a greater variety of material and expression to the voice studio and recital stage that will make them welcome additions to the standard art song repertoire.