Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Biomedical Engineering


Ladak, Hanif M.

2nd Supervisor

Agrawal, Sumit K.



For over 90% of individuals with hearing loss, hearing aids are the primary method of treatment. Recent studies have shown that most hearing aids are not personalized properly to patients, resulting in poor hearing outcomes. Poor training methods has been proposed as a possible reason for these findings.

A training simulator was developed consisting of a mannequin head with flexible, anatomically correct ears, and an optical tracking system for tracking the insertion of diagnostic equipment into a 3D printed ear canal. The simulator provides an outlet for trainees to practice their clinical procedures while receiving validated feedback, without the need for an instructor.

Two validation studies with students and experts were completed. Experts found the simulator to provide an improved educational experience, while students who used the simulator found increased skill development. Further steps are currently being taken to incorporate this validated simulator into training programs in the field.

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