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Master of Arts




Rodger, Susan


As part of a larger project to evaluate the efficacy of a program designed to increase the mental health literacy (MHL) of pre-service teachers, we developed the MHL Questionnaire for Education (MHLQ). The purpose of this study was to evaluate the psychometric properties of the scale, ensure that it represents the evolving definition of MHL, and demonstrate that the MHLQ is appropriate for pre-service teachers. Factor analysis was used to identify the underlying themes in the scale that yielded four subscales; Teaching and Leading in a Mentally Healthy Classroom, 26 items (α = .941), Expectancies, 6 items (α = .959); Professional Relational Skills, 8 items (α = .884); and finally, Role Clarity, 4 items (α = .924). Our findings indicate that the MHLQ is a reliable measure of MHL that is appropriate for use with pre-service teachers and demonstrates good internal consistency.