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Master of Arts




Adams, Tracey L.


Previous research on immigrant integration has tended to focus on economic and social integration. As such, the factors shaping health integration are less understood. At the same time, health researchers suggest that immigrants in Canada may underutilize certain health services. For instance, studies have documented the low participation rates of cervical cancer screening among Asian immigrant women in Canada (Xiong, Murphy, Matthews, Gadag, & Wang, 2010; McDonald & Kennedy, 2007; Woltman & Newbold, 2007). This study sheds light on immigrant integration by exploring the experiences of Asian immigrant women with cervical cancer screening and Canadian healthcare services more broadly. Through in-depth interviews, Asian immigrant women share their experiences in the healthcare system. They report many difficulties including language, relationships with healthcare providers, cultural perspectives toward health, adjustment to a new healthcare system, and access to information. These findings help to shed light on health disparities and inform policies and practices that foster immigrant women’s health.