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Marks, Darren C.


Watchman Nee (Ni Tuosheng, 1903-1972) is one of the most influential Chinese theologians. His theology formed in the early twentieth century and still attracts Chinese people today. This thesis undertakes an innovative twofold-perspective investigation into Nee’s idea of sanctification. By clarifying Nee’s synthesizing of the Holiness Movement theologies and examining his view of sanctification through the lens of the neo-Confucian idea of moral cultivation, this work argues that the practical pursuit of living in holiness and the synthesis of rational thinking and mystical intuition of Nee’s spirituality both deeply resonated within the Chinese spiritual neo-Confucian mindset. Viewing Nee’s theology as a bridge connecting profound Western theological traditions and potential Chinese cultural elements, this thesis deepens the understanding of Nee’s theology, suggests possible spiritual interactions between Christianity and Chinese culture, and explores the future viability of Charismatic Chinese Christianity in relation to Nee’s vision of Chinese Christianity.

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