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Master of Arts




Zhang, Zheng


The purpose of this systematic literature review (SLR) was three-fold: to identify the trends of the reviewed research on transnational education (TNE) and investigate the reported affordances of TNE and the implications for TNE in curriculum, pedagogy, and teacher training regarding expanding learners’ literacy and identity options. Through the lens of a multiliteracies framework, this SLR is premised on 60 screened articles that are based on the understandings of the relationships between TNE, literacy and identity options for students in globalized contexts. Findings indicate that this study offers TNE scholars future areas of research to investigate. It enhances the existent understandings of the affordances of TNE around the globe and offers insights into cross-border curriculum decision making for growing TNE programs. The study also provides suggestions about pedagogy in TNE classrooms to expand students’ literacy and identity options, which is insightful for pre-service and in-service teacher training for cross-border education.