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Master of Science




Hon Leong


Objectives: To determine changes in prostate microparticle (PMP) concentrations in men with prostate cancer (PCa) after digital rectal examination (DRE), after radical prostatectomy (RP), and at follow-up.

Materials and Methods: 22 men were recruited before RP. Four blood specimens were collected – baseline (specimen 1), post-DRE (specimen 2), immediately post-RP (specimen 3), and follow-up (specimen 4). Pre- and post-DRE urine was collected (Specimen A and B respectively). Flow cytometric analysis of biofluids was performed with fluorescent-labeled antibodies against prostate-specific membrane antigen (PSMA) and polysialic acid. Total MP (TMP) and dual positive (PMP) events per µl of plasma or urine were recorded.

Results: Median TMPs from specimen 1 to 4 were 3 005 500, 1 600 600, 976 353, and 3 951 400 events/µl, respectively (p

Conclusions: Proportional numbers of PMPs in men with PCa are significantly increased following DRE and RP.