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Master of Science




Dr. Susanne E. Kohalmi


Phenylalanine is an important aromatic amino acid synthesized by higher plants, and is a major component of numerous specialized metabolites including structural components, pigments, and defense compounds. The last step in the synthesis of phenylalanine is catalyzed by an enzyme called AROGENATE DEHYDRATASE, of which there are six different isoenzymes encoded by the Arabidopsis genome. All six have specialized roles within the plant, and are differentially expressed during development and under stressful conditions. To deduce the specialized role of each ADT, unique patterns of regulatory motifs were identified for all six ADT promoters, as well as corresponding transcription factors with similar expression profiles to each enzyme. Seven stable transgenic Arabidopsis lines were also generated using ADT promoter-eGFP/GUS constructs to test expression in all tissues during development, and under stressful conditions.

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