Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Epidemiology and Biostatistics


Anderson, Kelly K.


Involuntary hospitalization may impact subsequent service engagement in people newly diagnosed with psychosis. We sought to estimate the proportion of young people aged 16-35 years with early psychosis in Ontario hospitalized involuntarily at first admission, and to identify the factors associated. Using health administrative data, we followed-up 17,725 incident cases of non-affective psychosis for 2-years (2009-2016). We used logistic regression with augmented backward elimination to identify associated risk factors. During follow-up, 32% were hospitalized voluntarily or involuntarily, 81% of which were involuntary. Factors associated with higher odds of involuntary status included younger age, immigrants/refugees, psychosis not-otherwise-specified diagnosis, poor insight or adherence, greater severity of mania, aggression, harm to self or others, and recent police involvement. Prior trauma, greater severity of negative symptoms or depression, and contact with community services or primary care were protective. Our findings implicate areas for intervention to improve pathways to care for people with psychosis.