Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science




Dr. Gail M. Atkinson


Ground motions from potentially-induced seismic events in Alberta of magnitude (M) > 3, recorded within 100 km, are empirically characterized in terms of their response spectral shapes and amplitudes. Ground motions are compared statistically to those from induced events in Oklahoma, as well as to three benchmark ground motion prediction equations (GMPEs), derived from natural events. Discrepancies between Alberta and Oklahoma events appear to be magnitude-dependent, and distance-independent. For events greater than M~4, the ground motions appear equivalent in the two regions. High-frequency motions from M< 3.5 events in Alberta are weaker than those of natural events, even those at shallow focal depths. For larger magnitudes, the residuals between the Alberta motions and benchmark GMPEs (Yenier and Atkinson, 2015; Atkinson, 2015; Abrahamson et al., 2014) suggest that observations are in reasonable accord with the models. These results provide a further understanding of ground motions from induced events in Alberta.