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Master of Science




Dr.Walter L.Siqueira


According to WHO, oral health is an important indicator of overall health. Poor oral health cause serious health problems (cardiovascular, stroke, diabetes, liver, and respiratory related), in different age groups, costing billions of dollars. So, proper oral health care management has assumed top priority. Salivary antimicrobial peptides (histatin and statherin), are part of enamel pellicle, required for the oral homeostasis. Current work focused to study the demineralization protection and pellicle proteome modulation capabilities of novel peptide constructs (single and tandem duplicate histatin constructs DR9, DR9-DR9 and histatin-statherin hybrid construct DR9-RR14). For the first time, we provided evidence that, these peptide constructs (low concentration) modulated the pellicle proteome composition as analyzed through nLC-MS. We showed that DR9, and DR9-DR9 provided enamel demineralization (Ca and PO4) protection in presence of parotid saliva pellicle. It is important work from the point-of-view of enamel protection and inhibition of pathological biofilm formation by novel salivary peptides and hence infection in the oral cavity.