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Master of Education




Dr. Kathryn Hibbert


This research primarily investigates what we can learn from patient experiences that can help inform the expected curricula that will be developed in response to the new Canadian legislation regarding Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). This is a compelling area of research because of the rapidly evolving attitudes in the general population — largely driven by terminally ill patients asserting their legal rights over their bodies and the decision to put an end to their lives as a consequence of the illness they face. The issue of medical assistance in dying has been patient initiated and patient driven. Through the lens of narrative critical research, the listeners are witness to participants exploring through different social media forums, their end-of-life stories.

The results of these participant narratives were significant in that primary themes were drawn despite being from different cities, countries, gender, and socio-economics. Implications of this work can inform curriculum for health professionals, in particular physicians who must expand their concept of ‘care’ in light of the new legislation.