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Master of Health Information Science


Health Information Science


Dr. Anita Kothari


This study was a secondary qualitative analysis that used the constructivist paradigm and an ethnographic approach to explore the culture and success factors of two Communities of Practice (CoPs). The CoPs, housed by the Seniors Health Knowledge Network (SHKN), worked in wound care and complex care resolution for older adults. Five themes emerged through data analysis: 1) Hope and Desire to Cause Real, Effective Change, 2) Appreciation for Bringing Together Diverse People and Experiences, 3) Aspiring to Work Together as a Harmonious Team, 4) Striving for Strong Work Ethic and Good Practices to Achieve Efficiency and Productivity and 5) Tensions, Worries and Uncertainty. The themes are discussed in relation to CoP literature to suggest strategies for developing, running and sustaining successful CoPs in the realm of healthcare. The most important implication of this work is that passion, work ethic, diversity and communication may help CoPs achieve harmony and success.