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Master of Arts


Comparative Literature


Chris Roulston


This thesis aims at analyzing diary fiction in contemporary comic books. I have selected three primary sources, Wet Moon by Sophie Campbell (2004), Skim by Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki (2008), and Bleu Est une Couleur Chaude by Julie Maroh (2010). These works are close in time of publication, all written and illustrated by women. Moreover, they share other similarities: the protagonists are young female adults, and there is a queer motif underlying the stories. All three protagonists use diaries in order to express their thoughts, and feelings. Diary fiction focuses on character’s development, more than on action. Especially, the narrator’s journey towards him/herself. Despite their initial parallels, each text is from a different country, providing a scope of analysis across different cultures. My goal is to compare and contrast these texts in their use of intimate writings to portrait female characters in the comics medium.