Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Carri Hand


With the projected increase in the older adult population and the rise of

immigrants to Canada, there is a critical need to explore immigrant older adults’

experiences of ageing. The objectives of this study are to: understand what it

means to be an ageing, Muslim Lebanese immigrant in Canada by

understanding their experiences of social connectedness and engagement.

Constructivist narrative inquiry was used to provide direct insight into the diverse

lived experiences of two men and two women who came to Canada during the

1960s and decided to stay and age in Canada. Participants were involved in two

in-depth narrative interviews in which they narrated their experiences of

connecting with others now and over time. Past shaping present experiences and

the importance of finding place were two key themes that emerged from the four

narrative accounts, which have informed a deeper understanding of social

connectedness and social engagement.