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Master of Arts




Zheng Zhang


This single case study is embedded in a multiple case study conducted in Canadian offshore schools in China. In response to the scant literature on literacy curriculum in transnational education contexts, particularly in secondary schools, this study reports findings regarding literacy curricula implementation in a secondary Sino-Canadian school.

The theoretical tools of the study include theories on curriculum, multiliteracies, and multimodality. Data presented in this paper emerges from observations of 46 periods of Mandarin and English literacy classes, interviews with two Chinese and two foreign literacy teachers regarding curricula actualization, and related curriculum documents.

Findings relate how Chinese and Canadian literacy curricula are integrated and actualized in classrooms. The paper offers recommendations regarding operationalizing curricula in response to the changing landscape in literacy education against the backdrop of increasing global mobility of education and learners. This study also provides suggestions on developing teacher education in transnational education contexts.