Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Philip Doyle


This study evaluated the effectiveness of visual feedback in facilitating pitch control using a pressure sensitive electrolarynx (EL). This proof-of-concept pilot study was a single-subject design that included two healthy adults (1 female aged 23;6 years old, and 1 male aged 67;0 years old). Both participants were provided with visual feedback over two consecutive weeks. Changes in pitch and force control accuracy over 4 hours were analyzed. The results demonstrated that both participants showed an improvement in force control accuracy from the first to the last training session. The results of this proof-of-concept study are a preliminary step towards the development of a clinical training protocol for the use of a pressure sensitive EL. Further, these results highlight the importance of developing a clinically relevant tool for the improvement of a laryngectomee’s quality of life postlaryngectomy.