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Master of Science




Dr. Graham Reid


The natural history of mental health disorders suggests that a substantial number of children experience persistent or recurrent problems and may need more than 1 episode of care. However, there is a paucity of research on recurrent service use. The present study examined the rates and predictors of re-accessing community-based care. Secondary data analyses were conducted on administrative and chart review data from 5 mental health agencies in southwest, eastern, and central Ontario. Approximately a third (30%) of children who had an episode of care re-accessed services again within 4 years; the median time to re-access was 13 months. Social content, social support system, illness career, and treatment system variables predicted re-accessing and time to re-access services; although there was some inconsistency in predictors across samples. A better understanding of the factors that influence recurrent service use may help mental health agencies better prepare for and facilitate this process for families.