Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Susan Hunter


The purpose of these studies was to develop a reliable dual-task functional mobility protocol and investigate changes in dual-task performance over time in lower extremity amputees. Relative and absolute test-retest reliability of the protocol were evaluated across the population in a study consisting of three groups, with 20 participants per group. A pilot study of 16 participants investigated change in dual-task performance between discharge from rehabilitation and follow-up for both cognitively normal and cognitively impaired individuals. Gait was assessed by the developed protocol as well as an electronic walkway (GaitRITE®). All three groups in Study 1 had excellent relative test-retest reliability and comparable values for absolute test-retest reliability. Study 2 demonstrated that differences in gait and functional mobility exist between cognitively normal and cognitively impaired individuals. These changes are present at discharge from rehabilitation and persist at follow-up. However, improvement in gait and functional mobility is possible for both groups.