Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Dr. Trish Tucker


This study aimed to explore the presence and characteristics of physical activity and screen-viewing regulations in Canadian childcare centres. Using a modified version of the Environment and Policy Assessment and Observation Self-Report tool (EPAO-SR), an online survey was distributed to childcare directors/administrators. A total of 1,290 childcare representatives accessed the survey, 514 provided complete data. Of these, 295 (44%) centres indicated having a written physical activity policy (with the majority regulated at the provincial-level). Characteristics of these policies included amount of time: spent outdoors (395; 63%); in teacher-led active play (101; 16%); and physical activity education for children (91; 16%). Additionally, 178 (29%) reported a written policy regarding screen-viewing pursuits. Collectively, physical activity and screen-viewing policies in childcare were not common in Canada. An opportunity exists for Canada to advance practice by adopting proactive approaches to encouraging young children to be active.