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Master of Arts




Dr. Susan Rodger


Previous research has reported that teaching is one of the most stressful occupations in the world. The present study examined the experience of teachers’ Quality of Life (QOL) and stress, and the relationship between QOL and the source (home life, work-life, or work-life balance) of stress in Canadian teachers. Data for the study was obtained from a comprehensive online survey of female full-time elementary and secondary school teachers across Canada (n = 227). Results demonstrated that all QOL scale scores were lower in the present study, as compared to previously published community sample literature. Of the three sources of stress, personal life stress emerged as the single significant predictor of general health QOL, and personal life stress and work-life stress scores were found to be significant predictors of psychological health QOL. Understanding the sources of stress and QOL of teachers will be essential to help guide future research and best practices in addressing teacher QOL.