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Master of Arts




Dr. Jacqueline Specht


Auditory processing disorder (APD) occurs in an estimated 5-10% of the population, yet many educators are unaware it even exists, let alone have confidence in how to support students in their classroom with this disorder. With a shortage of professional resources and training for teachers about APD, many educators struggle to understand the disorder and know what strategies and interventions to implement to help students with APD. After reading a guidebook of research-based information about APD specifically designed for educators, it was hypothesized teachers’ confidence levels in working with students with APD would increase. Forty-three participants responded to the initial part of the survey and indicated that they knew little about APD. Of those participants, 20 read the guidebook and completed the remainder of the survey. It was found educators did feel the guidebook was helpful in increasing their knowledge of APD and they felt more confident in knowing how to teach students with APD. With this guidebook about APD shown to be effective in improving teachers’ confidence, educators now have a reference that is research-based and teacher-friendly.