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Master of Engineering Science


Biomedical Engineering


Dr Terry Peters

2nd Supervisor

Dr Ali Khan

Joint Supervisor


Approximately 30 percent of epilepsy patients suffer from refractory temporal lobe epilepsy which is commonly treated with resection of the epileptogenic tissue. However, surgical treatment presents many challenges in locating the epileptogenic focus and thus not all patients become seizure-free following surgery. Advances in techniques can lead to improved localization of the epileptogenic zone and may be validated by correlating MRI with neuropathology of the excised cortical tissue. Focal cortical dysplasias are a neuropathological group of cortical malformations that are often found in cases of refractory epilepsy, however, they are subtle and difficult to quantify. The purpose of this research is to employ histology image analysis techniques to better characterize these abnormalities at the neuronal and laminar level, allowing for correlative MRI-histology studies and improved lesion detection in medically intractable TLE.