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Christof Migone


This dossier and the accompanying exhibition On Coming and Going (presented at the Artlab Gallery in January 2017) constitute my MFA in Visual Arts thesis. The first chapter of this dossier is a Comprehensive Artist Statement in which I reflect on how my art, thinking, and life engage different meanings of coming and going in different ways. The statement approaches a deeply subjective and aggregate philosophy, or perhaps an attitude, or perhaps most appropriately if also most cliché, a way of being, in the face of relentless transience. The second chapter is a review of Michel de Broin’s 2016 Castles Made of Sand at the BMO Project Room in Toronto. The third chapter portrays selections of my artistic output from throughout my MFA. These parts and the associated exhibition represent multiple lines of inquiry that, together, comprise a study of the transience in and of life.

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