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Master of Science




Dr.Alp Sener


Introduction: Kidney and pancreas transplant recipients risk thromboembolism and lower limb edema due to immobility and fluid shift after surgery. Intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) devices + hromboembolic deterrent (TED stockings) are used to mitigate these risks. However, they risk peroneal nerve injury, discomfort, excessive heat and sweating under the cuffs. The Geko TM device, is an internally powered calf neuromuscular stimulator, shown to have beneficial effects in improving blood flow and skin capillary perfusion. Its role in transplantation has not previously been assessed. Our objective was to prospectively evaluate the effects of IPC+TED stocking and the Geko TM devices on lower limb edema in renal and pancreatic transplant patients. Methods: In a prospective, randomized, and controlled, single-center study we enrolled patients randomly to wear IPC + TED stockings or the Geko TM device post-operatively until day 6 after kidney or kidney and pancreas transplant surgery. Results: We observed a significant reduction in lower limb edema, increased urine output, and a significantly improved patient satisfaction rate with the use of the Geko TM device. Conclusion: The use of the Geko TM device in the immediate post-operative period leads to an improvement in lower limb edema in kidney and pancreas transplant recipients compared to IPC+TED stockings.