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Master of Laws




Professor Sara Seck


Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a tool mandated by regulatory authorities to prevent environmental degradation and foster a sustainable environment. Procedural rights to access information and participate in decision-making are understood as key components of good environmental governance. This research compares the EIA laws in Nigeria and Canada and identifies areas of improvement in the EIA processes of both countries with regards to oil and gas activities, in light of existing international norms and, with a focus on public participation and climate change.

The research reveals that Canada, a developed country, has a more rigorous and effective public participation process in EIA than Nigeria, a developing country. This research further reveals that while the Canadian legal framework for EIA increasingly integrates consideration of climate change impacts, this is not the case in Nigeria.

This study concludes that there is much room for improvement in both the Nigerian and Canadian EIA processes, especially with regard to public participation and climate change issues in order to bridge the gap between international and domestic environmental standards.