Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Health and Rehabilitation Sciences


Joy MacDermid


This study investigates the feasibility of conducting a 6-week intervention program comparing online yoga-based and standard exercises among 10 injured pre-surgery rotator cuff patients. Case reports on two patients are presented to demonstrate implementation and potential consequences of both interventions. A feasibility study was conducted after recruiting 10 patients from surgical wait list of 51 patients. Patients in both studies were assessed for shoulder flexion, abduction and external rotation range of motion and strength at aseline and 6- weeks. The SPADI questionnaire was used to assess pain/function. Most (8/10) patients in the feasibility study did not complete the full protocol. One caseworsened (yoga), while another (standard exercise) improved in strength. This does not indicate relative efficacy. SPADI results were changed by less than 10%indicating no clinically important change. Qualitative feedback suggested that patients might be open to online exercises. Developmental work is needed to define a easible intervention/study design.