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Dr. Alison Doherty


The purpose of this study was to examine continuity as an explanation for the intentions of female former athletes to engage in coaching or other roles in sport. In doing so, the study tested the transition-extension hypothesis (Cuskelly, 2004) in the context of former varsity athletes. Eighty-five women (mean age of 23 years; SD = 1.61), who had recently retired from playing their sport within the Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) system, completed an online survey measuring their athletic identity, athletic lifestyle, and intention to engage in coaching and other sport roles. Athletic identity and a sport-related productive lifestyle were most consistently associated with future intentions. However, modest findings indicate that there are other factors shaping women’s intentions to engage in coaching. Directions for future research and implications for recruiting women for coaching, as well as other sport roles, are presented.

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