Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Doctor of Philosophy


Hispanic Studies


Juan Luis Suárez


elBulliFoundation seeks to be a center for creativity and innovation in high cuisine. Originating from elBulli, the 3-stared by Michelin restaurant and voted best restaurant in the world five times by Restaurant magazine, the foundation’s main project, Bullipedia, endeavors to become a hub for gastronomic knowledge held within an online encyclopedia on cuisine. However, this is an idea yet to be developed. Thus, the question to answer at this point is: What should the Bullipedia be like? In this thesis, I have identified several requirements that Bullipedia should meet –mainly, sustainability, creativity, user collaboration, quality contents, and community trust– and analyzed three successful case studies, Taste of Home, Stack Overflow, and elBulli, to extract lessons and good practices in order to build the future Bullipedia.