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Professor Kim Moodie


This Master of Fine Arts integrated thesis contains three chapters. Chapter one is an extended artist statement that explores my paintings, which examine human physiological characteristics during day-to-day activities and their relation to one another. It investigates how visual possibilities in this practice are studied to reveal the tension of environment in a specific time with regards to internal human senses that simultaneously intensify various moods in a particular situation. Chapter two is the practice studio documentation of the selected work that I have created during my candidacy at Western University. Each work is accompanied with a brief description. Chapter three is a case study on Nicky Nodjoumi, an Iranian born painter who currently lives and works in New York. This chapter investigates how his political perspective, along with his use of humour and satire, contributes to his art. Also, it examines how his work is shaped through his personal experiences and approach to practice, ultimately creating a universal language that provides insight into both Iranian art and literature and the integration of a Western style into the artistic production of an Iranian painter.

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