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Dr. Katina Pollock


This general qualitative study examined the differentiated nature of short- and long-term occasional teaching. Five occasional teachers experienced in transitioning between short- and long-term occasional teaching work arrangements each completed a semi-structured interview. Findings demonstrated that the work arrangements were differentiated in three key areas: (1) General teacher expectations; (2) School interactions; and (3) Professional presence. More favourably perceived long-term occasional teaching experiences in all three areas contributed to the formation of an internal teacher workforce values hierarchy that subordinated the short-term occasional teaching work arrangement. In addition, the short- to long-term occasional teaching transition was experienced as a progressive hierarchical shift, whereas a regressive hierarchical shift marked the long- to short-term occasional teaching transition. Hierarchical differentiation among the separate short- and long-term occasional teaching workgroups was found based on the amount of accumulated work. Policy and practice implications include approaching short- and long-term occasional teaching as heterogeneous work arrangements.

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