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Master of Education




Dr. Susan Rodger


The present study explored resilience factors to substance use within Canada’s First Nations adults. This was explored through a lens of historical trauma experienced as a group through the Residential School establishments. Secondary data from phase II (2008/10) of the Regional Health Survey were analyzed in coming to determine the effects of resiliency factors in the lives of abstainers/low substance users, moderate users and heavy users. Analysis of variance tests revealed some significant differences in experience with resilience factors in the lives of abstainers/low users versus heavy users; no significant observations were had for the moderate group. Logistic regression analysis was then applied to the two opposing groups and several of the resilience factors were found to be predictive of abstinence/low use. Implications for our Northern Partners of the Mamow Ki- ken- da- ma- win team, First Nations communities, as well as the counselling field in general are discussed from a strengths-based perspective.