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Health and Rehabilitation Sciences




The objective of the thesis was to describe the factors leading to falls in distal radius fracture (DRF) events, explore patient perceived risk of falls, and postural stability. A mixed method study described the type of fall in DRF patients (n= 1454) and patient perceived contributing factors (n=29). A prospective cohort study examined the postural stability and related fall risk of DRF participants (n=137) in Biodex Balance System (BBS) and compared to normative values. Environmental factors were a major contributor to DRF events. Older adults (44 to 65 years) had the highest rate of DRF (female: male ratio of 2:1). Only a minority (12%) of DRF participants were at fall risk according to BBS fall risk score. There was no significant change in fall risk or postural stability score in the year following a DRF event.

Keywords: Distal radius fracture, risk factors, fall risk, postural stability, Biodex Balance System.