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Dr. E. Tugaleva

2nd Supervisor

Dr. M. Shkrum

Joint Supervisor



Introduction: A pathologist doing a pediatric autopsy will commonly assess child’s development by comparing the postmortem data to standardized population parameters using body and organ measurement charts. Although a number of resources are available, many are outdated and have significant limitations.

Objectives: To create Ontario population-specific organ and body measurement mean charts for infants and to explore relationships between body measurements/organ weights and cause of death, age, and gender of the deceased.

Methods: A database of 900 cases of infant and neonatal deaths that were investigated by Ontario coroners from 2000 to 2010 was retrospectively analyzed.

Results and Conclusions: No differences were found between the cause of death groups in relation to the body weight, heart, and pancreas weights. Lungs, brains, livers and spleens tended to be heavier in SIDS and SUDS cases compared to Control group while adrenal glands and kidneys had a tendency of being smaller.

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