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Master of Education




George Gadanidis


In our information- and technology-based society, mathematics education plays an increasingly important role in current world economic development. As the world biggest economies,ChinaandNorth Americahave accelerated the reform of mathematics education in recent years. One of the phenomena is that children’s literature has attracted great attention in the improvement of mathematics instruction and students’ learning for early childhood education. However, research conducted on math literature and the comparison of math literature inChinaand North America is limited, which points the necessity to consider the similarities and differences of math literature inChinaandNorth America. By comparing and contrasting the math stories in China and North America, this study presents the similarities and differences of math stories. After analyzing the findings with attention to underlying differences between stories, it appears that features of the math education system are also reflected in the differences between math stories in China and North America. As well, Chinese math stories are less developed than that inNorth America. To illustrate the differences, this study also puts forward criteria of good math stories and illustrates how to rewrite a Chinese math story to better meet these criteria. In the light of the findings, implications and recommendations for the development of math stories are provided.