Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Kamran Siddiqui


It is proposed that mesh-type bubble breakers can be used in two-phase gas-liquid vertical cocurrent pipe flow to enhance the heat and mass transfer rates. Two experimental studies were performed to investigate the effect of mesh-type bubble breakers with varying geometries on two-phase flow behaviour. The first used highspeed imaging to measure bubble size and observe the resulting flow regime for two-phase vertical co-flow consisting of air and water. A Froude number correlation that can be used to predict the bubble size generated by mesh-type bubble breakers is proposed. Flow regime maps for two-phase flow in the presence of bubble breakers with varying geometry were produced. The second study investigated two-phase flow heat transfer. A correlation to predict the two-phase Nusselt number (limited to ReSL < 2000 and ReSG < 100) was proposed. A thorough investigation of the effect of mesh-type bubble breakers on two-phase heat transfer is discussed.

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Certificate of Examination