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Master of Science




Dr. H.-B. Kraatz


The main goal of the research was the synthesis of new ferrocene peptideconjugates, to study the role of hydrogen bonding interactions, and the coordinationproperties of these systems. Ferrocene peptide conjugates have been extensivelystudied as models of protein secondary structures. Of particular interest weredisubstituted ferrocene derivatives such as ferrocene dicarboxylic acid, which have beenshown to be important in the design of peptide mimics. The inter-ring spacing betweentwo cyclopentadienyl rings in ferrocene has shown to be appropriate for forminghydrogen bonds between conjugated peptide chains, which are attached to the twocyclopentadienyl rings. Inter-ring spacing has proven to be of great importance for theformation of stable hydrogen-bonded structures. Additionally, some of these ferrocenepeptide conjugates have the ability to coordinate metal ions. This is of interest becausethese systems have the potential to serve as active site mimics of metalloproteins. Thiswork focused on the synthesis, hydrogen bonding studies, and coordination propertiesof novel ferrocene peptide conjugates.