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Master of Science




Dr. Robert Petrella


BACKGROUND: Male dietary behaviours have often been associated with overweightness and obesity. Although little research exists to help prevent the problem, this can somewhat be explained by the lack of men engaging in healthy eating and lifestyle change. A gender-sensitized intervention study using hockey as a draw to participate may positively change dietary behaviours and associated health outcomes. METHODS: A 12 week, 12 session, weight loss and healthy lifestyle intervention program was conducted in which overweight and obese male fans of a local hockey team were coached to adopt healthy eating and lifestyle behaviour changes in collaboration with their favorite hockey club. RESULTS: After 12 weeks of intervention sessions, intervention participants displayed healthier dietary behaviours in comparison to the control group (p=0.029). CONCLUSION: A weight loss and healthy lifestyle intervention program targeting the often under-represented overweight and obese male population group can help to promote positive dietary behaviours, especially when delivered in the context and environment of being a fan of local junior hockey.