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Dr. Gordon Osinski


The Sudbury structure hosts world class Ni-Cu-PGE deposits that have been mined, explored and studied for over 130 years. The structure is widely recognized as the erosional remnant of a 1.85 Ga 200- to 250-km tectonically altered multi-ring impact basin located in central Ontario, Canada. The focus of this investigation is on the Trill and Parkin Offset dykes. This study provides updated regional scale geologic maps, detailed geologic maps of newly exposed sections, geochemistry, sulphide analysis and an analysis of the inclusion population and orientation within the dykes. We conclude, the dyke phases display remarkable geochemical homogeneity, the Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization is concentrated in the dyke centre and up to 7 km from the SIC. PGE are found as PGE bismuth tellurides, braggite, niggliite, sperrylite and sudburyite. A decrease in inclusion density and size along strike and the inclusion long-axis orientation is aligned with the local dyke orientation in distal sections.

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