Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Robot Navigation by Bending Forces and Torques


Master of Engineering Science


Biomedical Engineering


Dr. Louis Ferreira


Some orthopaedic surgical procedures incorporate robotic machining to prepare bone for subsequent resurfacing. These require navigation feedback to achieve a pre-operatively determined pathway, and to minimize errors caused by unplanned movements between the robot and anatomy. This work presents the development of a force feedback navigation system that uses reaction forces through a flexible component which tethers the robot to the specimen being machined. A pre-planned pathway is mapped into a corresponding force-torque space, then during its operation, force-torque errors are transformed into corrective Cartesian movements with resolution functionality, including repeatability, disturbance rejection, and compensation for specimen movements. Finally, a resurfacing experiment was performed using a cancellous bone analog, achieving average positional error of 1.14 ± 0.75 mm, which is comparable to current optical tracking technologies.

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