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Master of Arts




Dr. Jean-François Millaire


This thesis is a study of a collection of 202 ancient Andean objects in the Canadian Museum of History (CMH). These artifacts are from the Central Coast of Peru and are associated with the Chancay culture of the Late Intermediate Period (A.D. 1000-1476). The aim of this research project is to help document the general technical and stylistic characteristics of Chancay weaving and potentially help narrow down the origin of some of the fabrics under study. The main objectives of this thesis are 1) to document the technical and aesthetic characteristics of the CMH fabrics and 2) to compare this collection to other published datasets.

The study first involved the systematic examination of textiles, recording technical and decorative information for each piece. In the museum, fabrics were analyzed using a worksheet that helped record a number of attributes. Each textile was also photographed and sketches were also drawn. Basic exploratory analyses using SPSS were subsequently carried out to identify patterns related to technological choices and the local textile making operational sequence. It was found that the CMH collection is similar in most respects to other Chancay-style textile collections, although differences are also noted.