Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Mechanical and Materials Engineering


Professor Samuel F. Asokanthan


Magnetic seizure therapy (MST) is currently on trial to treat severe cases of depression. This thesis is concerned with getting a deeper understanding of the mechanics behind MST by employing FEA of brain. The simulations performed via COMSOL helped identify the dimensions and coil types of the MST device as well as the angular probing orientations. Largest induced current due to the externally imposed magnetic field was found in the cerebrospinal fluid which was found to act as a barrier to induce current in the gray matter. In an attempt to relate the induced current to the neuron spiking, a mathematical model was selected for numerical simulation purposes. This model demonstrated the threshold adaptation of the neuron and also predicted the spiking process. These studies are envisaged to provide a more quantitative approach to virtually simulate the MST procedure and hence enhance the clinical trials that are currently underway.