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Master of Science




Dr. Gail Atkinson


This report documents the compilation of a high-quality catalog of earthquakes in Alberta and the surrounding region: the Composite Alberta Seismicity Catalog (CASC). It currently includes events through July 2015. The catalog and its documentation are available for download at www.inducedseismicity.ca. For the determination of the magnitude of completeness (Mc) of the catalog, we map Mc (xi, yi, t) across a grid of the region, where xi and yi represent the longitude and latitude of center nodes in the grid and t indicates time period. The empirical relation determined from the catalog and station data is of the form Mc(D4) = aD4+c, where D4 is the distance from (xi, yi) to the fourth-nearest station. Seven Mcmaps are created to represent spatial variations of Mc from 1985 to 2015. Based on the derived Mc maps, we estimate the equivalent rate of occurrences of M ≥3 earthquakes in various grids.