Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Science


Medical Biophysics


Dr. Rhodri Cusack


Auditory cortex is involved in the perception, attention, memory and imagery of sounds. Neuroimaging has been a rich source of information on which cortical areas are recruited for different tasks. However, a more detailed understanding has been confined to animal studies using invasive imaging modalities, and high-resolution functional descriptions of auditory cortex, including columnar/laminar specific activity, topographical organization within layers, and the way these representations transfer between processing structures remain poorly understood in humans. We present 7T fMRI as a non-invasive tool for high-resolution functional imaging of human auditory cortex on the laminar scale. We describe MATLAB tools for optimizing a segmentation pipeline in BrainVoyager, and an analysis pipeline using an SPM to examine functional differences between cortical layers of auditory cortex. These differences are measured within the context of auditory memory maintenance, imagery, and tonotopy.