Electronic Thesis and Dissertation Repository


Master of Engineering Science


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Dr. Abdallah Shami

2nd Supervisor

Dr. Serguei Primak

Joint Supervisor


This thesis examines two topics from the field of computational optimization; architectural layout generation and parallel linear programming. The first topic, a modern problem in heuristic optimization, focuses on deriving a general form of the optimization problem and solving it with the proposed Evolutionary Treemap algorithm. Tests of the algorithm's implementation within a highly scalable web application developed with Scala and the web service framework Play reveal the algorithm is effective at generated layouts in multiple styles. The second topic, a classical problem in operations research, focuses on methodologies for implementing the Simplex Algorithm on a parallel computer for solving large-scale linear programming problems. Implementations of the algorithm's data-parallel and task parallel forms illuminate the ideal method for accelerating a solver. The proposed Multi-Path Simplex Algorithm shows an average speed up of over two times that of a popular open-source solver, showing it is an effective methodology for solving linear programming problems.