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Dr. Dianne Bryant

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Dr. Lyndsay Somerville

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Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a surgical treatment of degenerative knee conditions such as osteoarthritis to reduce pain and increase function. Intraoperative soft tissue releases (STRs) and bony resections (BRs) are necessary for a balanced and aligned TKA. It is possible that the degree of STRs and BRs is related to final outcome following TKA and thus there may be implications for patient rehabilitation, patient expectations, pain medications, and timelines for recovery. Thus, our primary objective was to examine the association between the number of STRs and BRs performed intraoperatively and patients’ satisfaction and pain at three months. We performed an interim analysis on 100 patients who had undergone a TKA. Using multiple regression models, we showed no association between degree of releases and satisfaction or pain. These results were limited by sample size such that we are unable to make definitive conclusions about the relationship between STRs and BRs and outcome following TKA.

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